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Sunday, March 10, 2013

You make me feel like ive been locked out of heaven

Idk what to say, but currently life has been treating me really bad, really bad I tell you.

Ups & downs, for those who never left i'll treasure you but for those who did, its okay, everybody will eventually leave, nobody stays. Nobody. You can never ask someone to stay if they are destined to be in your life for a short period of time. Okay?

And, results dah nak keluar sumpah cuak gila macam orang gila sebab entahlah come on SPM kot penentu U mana kau masuk scholar apa kau dapat kalau kau flunk spm kau its okay banyak lagi choice you can either resit or yadayada banyak la lagi but of course la sapa nak fail spm?! Right? So keep calm, worry less and pray to Him. Everythings gonna be okay, in shaa Allah. I wish 95s all the best! :) 

9A+ achiever, Nik Nur Aishah

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  1. nice day:)
    saya adalah saya hari ini karena pilihan-pilihan
    yang saya kemarin..

    bagi-bagi motivasi yaa.. :)