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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


You cant have a rainbow without a little pain.

Ive been through a lot of crap this year, and i think i deserve to be happy.
i deserve the rainbow. now lets hope that the rainbow will stay forever okies?


Tell me my dreams are unrealistic, and ill tell you yours aren’t big enough - Unknown

You may say im the gedik type, but im not that gedik actually
You may say im the heartless type but actually idk how to express my feelings to my loved ones
You may say im so childish but i just love watching cartoons
You may say im sombong but actually idk how to start the conversation first
You may say im a sweet talker, but actually i meant everything i said 

Haters gonna hate~
Like people said, you know my name but not my story. Dont judge the book by its cover.
Try to get to know em first before you judge em. Okies? Bye.

Just me, Nik Nur Aishah

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