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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Together, one for all, all for one

Im not really good at expressing my feelings, so i choose to keep it to myself. I keep everything bottled up inside. But sometimes, I do want to tell them how I really feel, but I think its just a waste of time. I never tell my best friends how much I appreciate them, how much I want them to stay in my life. So I end up losing friends sometimes, I never tell anyone anything.

Loved ones, even though I never tell you guys how much I appreciate you guys like others did. You know I love you right x) Im just not good in words, so sorry :/ And excalibur, since we only have 3 more months to be together, living in the same school, eating the same food, so lets make the most of it. We can always achieve what we want if we work together as a teammates. Come rain or shine, nobody could ever break our bond. Nobody. I love my132 sisters by heart :)

Sweet, right? :)

 Loves, Nik Nur Aishah

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